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Do you feel like you’re not good enough? Smart enough? Pretty enough, skinny enough, fat enough, rich, poor, gay, straight, woke, spiritual, religious, political, vegan, keto, girl, boy, black, white, Asian, Indian, (whatever race or culture) enough? Or “whatever label you want to insert” enough? STOP IT. 

Who decides that? Who is setting these standards, these rules, for us? Why are we not setting them for ourselves? Do they abide by these standards themselves? Most likely not; therefore, it is all imaginary and does not count. So can we just stop?

Enough already. You are not Goldilocks. You are not too little or much, too hot or too cold; you are just the right amount of everything for everyone who is supposed to be your people, just the right flavor for those meant to take a drink of your yumminess. 

All of these double-standard and overwhelming feelings of not-enoughness are straight-up insanity. Let that …ish go! 

There are three life lessons that we all must learn that will remove all of this nonsense from your life so that you can finally be free become the best version of yourself and no one else possible. But, before we dive into these life lessons, let’s first set you free from the cage you are being held in.


Close your eyes and sit in all of your not-enoughness, and answer this one question…

Good enough for who? 

Who is the person setting these standards for you in your mind? Who’s love are you trying to earn or keep? Is it your mom, dad, enemy, or friend? It is usually one of those four, and usually, even more, one of the first two. 

Is this person actually happy, prosperous, an example of abundant, overflowing love? Are they good humans? Beneficial to humanity? Are they everything you ever want to be? Really? Be honest! No one is perfect.

We never know what people are like behind closed doors and believe me, you probably don’t want to know. Because then you would find out that you had a fake version of them up on a pedestal. Are you holding them up to impossible standards as well? Are you actually holding yourself to hostage impossible standards that they didn’t set to make them proud? Ouch. I know. Chances are if it is a parent, they are beautiful, messy humans too, and already super proud of you! I hope this frees you.❤️

Let’s agree right now to only set standards for ourselves and quit trying to control or be controlled by others. The only standard or rule that we can set for ourselves is to…

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