BE MAGNETIC: THE COURSE. Attract more of what you want in your life, and less of what you don’t.
This course helps you zoom out to see what is actually important to you in your life so that you can
zoom way into the things that turn YOU on and attract what excites YOU in life.
MISSION STATEMENT: Are you tired of attracting the same kind of men/women/customers/situations/
broken down and difficult things and people in your life? Your mission should you choose to accept it is
to turn on your passions, free your life of the usual nonsense and start attracting better once and for all!

1. What are you attracting in your life right now?

– Identify common qualities or patterns in your life that you’re attracting? Keep a journal with you this
week and start to pay attention and write them down. Then answer each question for common patterns.
– Does this quality bring you joy or not?
– Why does it trigger you?
– Emotions are calls to action. Try and guess what that is.
– Start sharing in the group as you see them to help others spot patterns too.

2. We get what we give-
– Negative Nelly, Complaining Carol, Stressed out Sally, Drama Dorine, Extra Ed, or Jerky Jack…
Who are you?
– Who are you in each area of your life? Same or different? Is the reaction of others matching your own?
– Would you want to hang out with you?
– Show up better, attract better. It really is that simple.
– Raise your standards by raising your self worth.

3. What you focus on you find.
– Love googles- Seek good, find good.
– Headache- Seek bad, find bad.
– Find 3 good things in everyone and everything you can today- even the jerks. Journal it.
– For every bad thought- write 10 good things to erase it. Journal it.

4. Be the change
– Go first. Say hi first, be nice first, do a good deed first. Lead the way. Start the conversation.
– Wear their shoes. Get to know others, maybe they are not a jerk, but have just had a really tough
break- We can’t hate up close.
– All we all need is Love.- this makes us magnetic.
– How to be love in every situation and choose again… and again… and again.
– Be an example of what you think the world needs
– If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem

5. Attract the good, repel the bad
– Everything you need will show up when you show up ready.
– Does this person/place/thing bring me joy or give me the space to be my true self?
– Let go of the bad to make room for more good
– If its not a heck yes, its a heck no. Too many heck no’s = a toxic life.

6. Set yourself up for success- Don’t allow an out
– Awareness is the key to success in ALL things.
– Write down the kind of people and things that you DO want in your life.
– By controlling everything we think, say, feel in our lives we control what we attract.
– Set positive affirmations around every thing you want to attract. On 3×5 cards. Start reading the top 5
or 10 every morning and night. As things show up, put card aside and put new one in your stack.
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