I AM’s THE COURSE- Improve your self-talk, Improve your relationships, Improve your world. This
course teaches you who you are so that you can confidently become who you want to be.
6 week course. Fb group Or 1 on 1- prefer group- $697? Live 2x a week, homework, exercises and

MISSION STATEMENT: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to face that stranger in the
mirror and introduce and fall in love with the real you. So that you can confidently step out and introduce
your true self to the world and get or attract what you want.


1. Who are you? A deep dive of I AM’s
– Write I AM paper (start I AM NOT paper) (one color)
– Read I AM paper aloud – Record yourself reading I AM’s- watch it. Repeat it until your face believes it.
– Read them live in group – post paper in group.
– YOU ARE (group reads them to you)
– Add I AM’s from others to your paper- hang in bathroom -repeat every time you’re in there.

2. Who are you not? Deep dive of I AM NOT’s
– Continue I AM NOT paper (new color)
– Read I AM NOT paper aloud – Record yourself reading I AM NOT’s- watch it. Repeat it until u believe it.
– Read them live in group – post paper in group.
– YOU ARE NOT (group reads them to you)
– Add to I AM NOT’s and your I AM’s from others (different color)
– Read new I am’s/i am not’s to group. Hang both back in bathroom to repeat

3. Who are you to others?
– Ask 5 family/friends to write a YOU ARE paper for you and you do the same for them.
– Ask them to read it to you- through video or in person. How did that feel?
– Add new words to your I am’s & I am not’s (new color)
– Read New I am’s/not’s to group.
– Group reads them back to you. Hang in bathroom.

4. Strengths and Weaknesses
– List strengths/weaknesses (add to I am’s/add opposite to I am not’s- (new color)
– Where did your strengths come from? -Thank and forgive
– Are they really a weakness? Said who? Forgive. Is it truly a weakness?
– What can you do to change weaknesses to strengths? Can you learn it, affirm it, or link arms and
exchange flow with someone who is great at it?
– Read all/new I am’s and I am nots again to group. Hang in bathroom post pic.
– Group reads your new I ams & I am not’s to you.

5. Why are you you?
– Why are you (I AM’s) Who do you need to thank/forgive? For the good and the bad. The bad make us
strong, the good teach us love.
– Who told you that you were… Is this your belief or someone else’s? What is your truth?
– How many times did you repeat it? Forgive the self bully monster.

6. Who do you want to be?
– Dreamers meditation
– How can you use your strengths to help you move forward into the world?
– Now that you know who you are and who you are not, How can you show up better in the world?
– Superman Pose and Final read of FULL I AM’s and I AM NOT.
– Graduation Ceremony -BONUS: Kick arse intro