WHY: THE COURSE: Unscrambling the mystery of you, so that you can show up more genuine,
confident and awesome in 6 weeks or less.
This course helps us examine why we are the way we are, why we think the way we think, why we like or
dislike the things we do, and why we feel what we feel so that we can show up in life confidently as our
true genuine authentic self. Together we peel back the layers to identify who you really are to find the
yummy truth in the middle.

MISSION STATEMENT: Your mission should you choose to accept it is to turn the focus inwards, clear
the clutter left by others and discover your true values, wishes, desires and purpose, so that you can
show up authentically chasing your own dreams in the world.
3 hour Workshop or 4 week course. Probably best for 1 on 1 $397? Zoom 1x a week, homework,
exercises and meditations

1. Who are you?
– The only one we can why is ourself.
– Introduce yourself – Age/location/job/family/lifestyle/hobbies
– Why? (location/job/family/lifestyle/hobbies)
– Homework: Discovery day- Pick 3 new things to try each week to see if you like them and we will why
them down to the source.

2. Why are you you?
– How did you get where you are? Why?
– Why are you what you are or why do you do what you do?
– What is the driving force behind it?
– Good enough for who? Why?

3. Likes and Dislikes? Why?
– Write a list of likes and dislikes (add to them over the week)
– Why them out until you can’t ask why any more
– Share 3-5 revelations.

4. Choices? Why?
– List 3 good choices you have made in your life, and why you made them? Why down to bottom.
– List 3 not great choices you made in life, and why you made them like you did in the time? Remember,
there are no failures only lessons. Would you still be who you are today if you didn’t make those
mistakes? Thank/forgive.

5. Goals/Purpose/Calling to help others? Why?
– What are 3 things you have felt called to do to help others since you were a child? Why?
– What are 3 goals that you would like to accomplish this month/year/decade? Why?
6. Now what?
– Now that you know your true why? What action plan can you put into place to help you achieve those
-Write your why and place in bathroom and read it every time you are in there!