YOU HAVE SUPERPOWERS: THE COURSE:  Strengths and weaknesses
This course helps you identify your own personal superpowers and kryptonite so that you can rise up
become the super hero or shero you were meant to with others that are doing the same!

MISSION STATEMENT: Have you ever wanted to be in a gang of super heroes? Now is your chance.
Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to identify your own personal strengths and weaknesses
with a group of others so that you each can use them to become the super hero or shero in your life and
the lives of everyone around you like you, saving the world as you were mean to do, with a team but
starting with you!
6 week group course $497? Zoom 1x a week, homework, exercises and meditations


1. Who is your Hero/Shero? Spoiler alert- It’s you!
-Pick your super hero name and Introduce yourself! Bonus points if you make a costume and wear it
next week!
-List super powers & Kryptonite (strengths & weaknesses)
-Share with group (Comparison is the thief of all joy)
-Add to them from others lists, and over the week as you think of more.
-Ask family and friends for more ideas as they may see strengths in you that you don’t see!
– Look at ways you are already a hero, victim or villain in your life.

2. So what are your super powers and how do/can you use them?
– Share with Group- (Adding more to yours from others)
– What can you do with this power? (Strength)
– Where did you get this power? And who can we thank for this power? (And forgive)
– How has it helped you in your life? How have you helped others in life with this strength?
– How can you help more people with it now and in the future?

3. What is Your Kryptonite?
– Share with group (Add more from others)
– Why are these weaknesses?
– Who told you these were weaknesses? Who do you need to forgive? Thank?
– Is it your truth? Is it really a weakness?
– Identify action to counteract it. Can I learn it, affirm it, barter it, link arms, or hire someone?
– List an Affirmation for your top 5 weaknesses you would like to strengthen on your own.
– Never take the advice or opinion from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.

4. How will I save the world?
– List 5 ways you can start using your super powers to help others this week. Schedule it in.
– List 5 ways you can strengthen a weakness this week. Schedule it in.
– Pair up strengths and weaknesses to work together.
– Partner up to teach each other a strength.

5. How I will Not save the world.
– Review of Superpower use. How can I go bigger? Choose 5 new ways.
– Review of Weakness enhancement. Is it now a strength? Choose new weaknesses to turn over.
– Distraction is the Bad guy! – Boundaries vs Priorities.
– Stay in your lane- Don’t step on the other hero’s toes. Is it your problem to solve? If not, move.
– Ego is not your amigo- when your super power accidentally becomes your kryptonite.

6. Rise Hero Rise. You are ready.
– How can you show up as the superhero you were meant to be from here on?
-How can you serve on a bigger scale than you ever thought possible?
-Schedule it in. Do it. Share with us from here on what you’re doing and how you’re changing the world