THE FLOW PROJECT: How to flow your gifts and talents into the world in a way that only you can. This
course helps you heal the wounds that drain you, remove and rearrange blockages in life that slow or
block your flow so that you are able to flow forward full strength sharing your beautiful gifts into the
6 week course. Fb group Or 1 on 1- prefer group- $497? Live 1x a week, homework, exercises and
I believe that we can’t help the sick, broken or poor by being one of them. If you are tired of feeling stuck
in the mud… your mission should you choose to accept it is to remove and rearrange the things blocking
your flow in life so that you can move forward in a powerful and passionate way.
– Puddle
– Creek
– Pond
– River
– Ocean
– Rock
– Six stones meditation.
2. Rocks & Dams:
– What are rocks
– How to rearrange rocks to help you, and remove the ones who stop you.
– How to identify and use distractions as rewards
– How to blow the dams: Make yourself bigger than the things stopping you from flowing forward
– Are you a rock in your own flow?
– Are you a rock for others?
3. Gifts, dreams and desires-
– What are you good at? Homework: ask others, as you may not even see it.
– What brings you joy? Follow it and life flows with ease, like water flowing down hill- dams are gone.
– What are your wishes & desires? For yourself not anyone else?
– If you could do, be, have, help anyone in the world, what would it be? Dreamers meditation.
– Try 3 new things each week from here to end of challenge & post in group to inspire ideas for others.
4. Heal & Fill:
– Cup work.
– Hurt people, hurt people. Heal from the inside out,
– Forgiveness is our freedom.
– There are no mistakes only lessons
– Fill with better. Ways to fill your cup.
– We can’t give what we don’t have… and neither could they.
5. Overflow:
– How to solve your problem, and help others do the same.
– Healed people, heal people,
– Filled people, fill people.
6. Graduation:
– Ending flow type, next step action plans and linking arms with others to grow your flow. Tribe