What is it that’s keeping you held back from going for it? From going for all your hopes and dreams? From allowing all the seeds that your Creator carefully selected and placed and planted in your specific heart for a reason. And it is your job alone to grow, nurture, nourish and allow them to grow. 

Who’s the nagging voice you hear telling you that You can’t, that you will fail, that it’s impossible, that you won’t make it, or to get your head out of the clouds? 

Let me ask you… Did they follow their dreams? Should you be taking advice from people who killed their dreams? 

Should you be taking advice from someone who has never experienced the thing you are dreaming of doing? I think not. 

Never take the advice or opinions of someone you wouldn’t trade places with. 

What about your inner voice? What is it telling you? That you aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, that you don’t have enough certifications, degrees, knowledge, wisdom, power, energy, TIME… to do the things? BULL HONKEY! 

You do, you are, you have, you can, and you should.

You are the only one who can. 

These are the only things you should be telling yourself. 

Besides, good enough for who? Smart enough for who? Pretty or skinny enough for who? You have someone in your mind’s eye for each of those questions, but let me tell you just a couple of things to debunk those limiting beliefs. Ready?

Truthbomb #1: Those people probably don’t think that about you at all. Most people are too busy judging themselves. 

A. So… these are either your own judgments projecting out and putting their face on it so that you justify to your soul why you are self-bullying. 

Blame is a refusal to take responsibility and a giving away of your power. Take it back. 


B. These people are judging themselves way harder than they are judging you, and for that, you should send them all the love in the world. 

For what is inside always comes out. 

Maybe someone was a jerk and said something once or twice… How many times have you repeated it in your mind? Who’s the bigger jerk? Stop it! You are a being of love, and everything else is a misalignment of your soul. I guarantee that anyone who is mean to others is the biggest bully of their own lives. Whatever they said to you was a mere grain of sand in the desert of torture they are stuck in inside their mind. 

Send them love, forgive and set them free from abuse from you; they have enough of it already. Maybe it will be the one thing that reminds them that they can, in fact, stop. 

Forgiveness is pure freedom

So darling, now that you are free, what will you do? 

What seeds inside of you that only you know about are ready to grow and thrive? The moment you nourish them, give them light, love, and water, and watch them grow. 

They will become your flags that tell others where to find you. All the people who are meant to work with you to help you accomplish these dreams have been looking for you and couldn’t find you because you never let your own dream “tree” grow. 

Help your dream tree grow big and tall with many branches and deep roots so no jerk with hot, stanky breath can blow you down. 

Nurture yourself, allow all your seeds to grow. I pray that your dreams are as thick and tall as the redwood forests and supply enough love oxygen to heal the souls of the world. 

Alone you are strong, but together we are unstoppable!

You are welcome to plant your tree near me. I will keep you safe until you’re big and strong and far beyond. 

If you are ready to take off towards your dreams, start here with a plan! 

Yeah, it’s going to be tough. You will have to shatter the glass ceilings, break the mold, get out of the box that you have allowed yourself to be put in, and be free. You aren’t dead; get out of the coffin! You will have to grow muscles that you didn’t even know existed! You are going to have to explore and grow yourself, find your limits and then expand them. You are going to have to find people who enhance you, challenge you, and teach you. So that you can teach, challenge and enhance others.

Sure, it’s hard, but choose your hard. Living small is way harder than going for your dreams. If you are afraid of disappointment and rejection, then you should be hella afraid to disappoint and reject yourself, your creator, and all the people out there who are waiting for you to step into your power and change their world. The ones who you are meant to reach out and pull them out of their darkness by shining your light. Someone has to go first, let that be you!

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