How many of us live small because of the “opinions” of others of what we can or can’t do, what we are or aren’t capable of, their “opinions” of how we should or shouldn’t be? Why?

They have their own life to drive; why are we letting them drive ours?

Let’s think about it fully.

  1. If they’re driving your life…. who’s driving theirs? 
  2. If they’re driving your life, who’s life are you driving?
  3. How many people’s hands can be on the same steering wheel before you land in a ditch?


I don’t know about you but… I can only drive one car at a time… how about you?

Find your unwavering purpose and RUN TOWARDS IT!!

Take your life’s steering wheel back from others. From their ideas, opinions, and limitations!

They are not called to do what you are called to do; therefore, they do not know the way you should go and if you take their “advice.” You both end lost. Them because they’re using their map for you, and you because you’re using the wrong map entirely. Do you get it yet?


Never take the advice or opinion of someone
you wouldn’t trade places with.

Chances are, if someone is so focused on your life, they are avoiding dealing with theirs. And if they are not someone you look up to as a mentor. Thank them for their ideas and consider them if they are for or against your goals, and if they are going south and you’re going west, bless and release with an “until we meet again,” smile and wave.

People will tell you that you can’t
simply because they can’t.
But, they are not you. You are not them.
And if you are called to do it,
then you certainly can and will be able to or enabled to.
Go for it!

You have to stand up for yourself, for your dream, and your purpose. Set boundaries of who you take advice from, and know that YOU are the only one with the steering wheel. You are the only one who can make the proper decisions based on your own purpose to make the world a better place in a way that only you can. If they are not making the world a better place in the way that they are called to do, certainly don’t listen to them.

Your puzzle piece does not fit in their spot.

But, to follow your map… you have to know where you are going. We don’t have to have exact details, but we need to have a plan towards our goal with mini-goals (pit stops) in between.


 It is YOUR job tp Map out your life. 

Say your soul is calling for you to go West, young man/lady. And you decided to take a trip from the East coast to the West and back, and just got in the car and drove. No direction, where ever the car would take you… You didn’t even try to find a westbound road and hit a Northern bound interstate; how successful would your trip be? At least take a compass!

How likely do you think we would ever get to the west coast and back? 1 in a kazillion- out of complete dumb luck? No, we will never make it!!

How many of us are living life like that? Doing and thinking what others tell us to, and never doing what we feel called to, what we feel is right. How is that going for you?? NO!! Spend some alone time with your soul and your creator and together work out a plan. What is It that YOU want? What is it that YOU feel called to do?

With every step in the right direction,

more of the path will appear.


Figure out where you’re going, what your purpose is, and TAKE THE DAD GUM WHEEL AND FLY!

Our life is OUR Responsibility.

Your seed of purpose was planted

in your soul before you were even born,

picked out of the stars,

and placed in your heart just for you.

Follow what lights it up.

When you take your power and life back, you give others permission to do the same. Maybe if you gave someone permission to let go of your wheel, they could start driving their own again and be tremendously relieved.  Maybe they help you drive out of concern for you and mean to help in love, letting them know that you got this could be the greatest gift for them, as well as for you.

Research for yourself, read for yourself, learn for yourself, think for yourself and do for yourself. Allow everyone else to do the same, and together when we are all traveling in the right direction, we can and will change the world. Until then, we are all lost.

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