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Heart First Adventurer

Hi, I’m Angielee

I am a heart-first adventurer, animal & people lover, and about ten years ago, I answered the call to heal the Soul of the World by healing and filling one heart’s cup at a time.

I have been mentoring teens and coaching adults for over 20 years. But my life wasn’t always like this. Through terrible traumas and a childhood that would make Stephen King have nightmares, I had to go through a massive healing, releasing, forgiving, and transforming myself. These now healed scars are what help me to be the most loving resource possible for others.

I would love to work with you. You are worthy of so much more than you even know yet, and I am here to help bring put that better-than-best in you: transforming your life, healing one hole in your cup at a time. Whatever your goal or obstacle, I have tools and solutions to help you flow like water through it and become that ocean you were meant to be. The empty cup you have been trying to serve out of is only draining you and the ones you love. Let’s refill it together and relight the fire within so that you are able to serve the world at the massive capacity that you are meant to, then join forces and teach others to do the same. This is what overflowing is all about. Let’s see what we can bring out in you.